Urology Associates

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A highly informative, resource-rich, and approachable website for the providers at Urology Associates to meet their goals of providing expert care to more patients.

The Urology Associates website development presented specific challenges, such as creating a platform of interconnectivity between services, procedures, doctors, locations, and patients. Urology Associates has over 80 services and procedures that fit into a navigational menu, making patient searches more difficult.

services provided

  • Multimedia

  • Website

Urology Associates

We have found that "About Us" videos for healthcare websites engage users and increase interaction, such as submitting contact forms.

Urology Associates

What We Did

Website Design

Knowing how important it is for a user/patient to pay their bill or access their PHI online, our designers created quick links at the top of every page to grab attention and provide an easy way for users to connect to those services.

To combat the natural confusion of seeing too many items in a navigational menu we implemented a tiered structure of services and a larger than typical menu, to allow space for many services to be organized in an easy-to-read fashion. This project created an user friendly website for patients to effectively find results by reducing confusion.

Multimedia & SEO Strategy

Venta created a multimedia and SEO plan to create trust building profiles for each provider. This plan included recording several videos to demonstrate provider-patient relationships.

Everyone needs healthcare at some point in their life. While some services can be targeted to more finite groups of people, such as seniors, many services are equally important to many groups. Addressing the needs of all types of users is a vital step in planning website projects.