Nathan Norberg

Joyce Klein

Spencer Moore

Chris Winters

Julie Brighton

Ally Huff

Zachary Shaw

Content Creation Specialist, Farm Animal Lover & Aspiring Writer

Zach is a Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist at Venta Marketing. Continuously learning and developing creative content is important to him. He enjoys boosting client's success with his versatile voice, unique strategies, and awesome designs.

Holly Ozanne

Marketer, positive influencer, loving sister.

Holly is responsible for managing all internal marketing initiatives and creating new business opportunities for Venta’s sales team.

Max Prokell

Set Goals, Execute, Track, Repeat

Max is the Founder and CEO of Venta Marketing. He founded Venta on core values that have shown over many successful campaigns to be the keys to the success of a strong digital marketing agency.

Colin Royal

Client Relation Specialist, Jack of All Trades, Sports Lover

Colin is the Account Manager at Venta Marketing. With strong interpersonal skills, Colin strives to work alongside clients to ensure the success of their campaigns or projects. Colin enjoys engrossing himself in the businesses he manages to offer guided insight on tough digital marketing decisions.