Brian Nelson

Technical SEO Expert, Volleyball Player & Concert Goer

Brian is the Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist at Venta Marketing. With a diverse background including web hosting, CMS management, and digital marketing, he came to Venta because of their devotion to being the most trusted digital marketing agency.

The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before. - Neil Gaiman

On the Job

Brian’s main role at Venta Marketing is to oversee, strategize, and execute on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for several clients. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Brian went on to work at GoDaddy as a Hosting Support Specialist where he began to fall in love with digital marketing. It was here, through the creation of his own website, that grew his passion for digital marketing.

Brian’s objective is to help your website climb the search engine rankings to increase your organic traffic. He believes Search Engine Optimization, if done right, is the best long-term digital marketing investment a business can make. He optimizes websites and crafts creative strategies to increase qualified leads and expand the business’ funnel.

Brian enjoys the feeling of community at Venta. Everyone is in it to produce the maximum results for the client.

Off the Job

When Brian isn’t optimizing metadata on a website, he likes to spend time with his 150 pound Great Dane, Sandor. They both enjoy going on hikes throughout the Arizona desert. He also enjoys playing both sand and court Volleyball — a sport he played at the University of Arizona for four years in college.

Brian is obsessed with all kinds of music and tries to go to as many live shows as he can. He also plays acoustic and electric guitar and transposes his favorite songs to sing along with friends and family. Creative writing is also a passion of his and uses Reddit’s /r/WritingPrompts as his creative outlet. When feeling less motivated, you can catch Brian watching an obscure foreign film on Netflix.

Brian looks forward to advancing both his personal and professional skills.

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