David Moore

Web Developer, Gamer & Technical Wizard

David Moore is the Lead Developer at Venta Marketing. He approaches every day with a highly technical skillset that is reflected in the variety of websites he produces for Venta clients. This, coupled with his high standards, help push our web design and development to the next level.

Do it right the first time. - Unknown

On the Job

David plays the role of both lead developer and technical magician. Regularly wowing the team with his ability to wave his magic wand (mouse) and remedy any issue. He came to Venta after garnering Web Design experience from the University of Phoneix and going on to earn a degree in Web Design and Development from Full Sail University. After freelancing for nearly three years he had proven his ability as a full-stack developer and is well versed in Angular, PHP, WordPress, jQuery, and Node.js.

David enjoys seizing a task and running with it. He strives to maintain goals that he can not only reach but be challenged to do so and hopefully becoming more efficient or learning a new skill in the process. He regularly goes above and beyond to develop websites that are unique, innovative, and follow best practices.

Off the Job

When not creating custom themes for WordPress websites, David enjoys spending time with his family and playing video games on his custom PC. He also enjoys movies and tries to stay up to date with the most recent feature films as they hit theaters. Constant learning is a priority for him, he regularly will seek out knowledge for questions he doesn’t know the answer to in his spare time.

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