JP Scott

Multimedia Master, Filmmaker, and Scorpion Killer

JP Scott is the Director of Multimedia at Venta Marketing. He oversees the digital marketing department in Arizona and guides them with an experienced hand in filmmaking, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Win with humility.
Lose with dignity.
And, excellence always.
- JP

On the Job

JP is a professional filmmaker turned marketer. His passion is creating amazing and engaging video and media content that shares a story. He also has significant skills pertaining to social media and search engine optimization. He started at Venta Marketing initially as their Director of Digital Marketing and now, with their devotion to continual learning, as their Director of Multimedia.

His keen eye for video production assists him in capturing professional video for businesses targeted around a larger digital marketing strategy to assist in growth, promotion, or brand awareness. He is also a digital marketing specialist at Venta and has brought clients to page one and even to the top spot of Google for their core search terms. With social media, he has grown followings organically by over 500% within one year by creating quality content that drives meaningful engagements.

He is excited to be part of the growing Phoenix office and seeing where Venta Marketing goes in the coming years. 

Off the Job

JP was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ where he met a girl in his sophomore year of high school. They ended up getting married seven years later. While studying film in college, he directed and produced his first feature-length film. He then moved to California with his wife because that’s where you go to try to strike your fortune as a filmmaker. He directed one other feature film before deciding to transition towards marketing.

He loves spending time with his family (wife and young son). Whether it’s camping out in the backyard with a tent and flashlights, going to Michaels for the next season’s crafts to paint and make, or hitting the road for a trip to Disneyland or some other destination. He also enjoys creative writing and dreams of cage diving with a Great White shark one day. 

Looking forward, JP is excited for his son to be in the Boy Scouts, as he was, and his first summer camps/camping trips.

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