Tímo Slusser

Web design guru and graphic virtuoso.

“Why do we fail? So that we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” - Alfred (Batman)

Educational Background
I have a BFA in Visual Communications from Northern Arizona University and am slowly working my way through my MFA at Grand Canyon University.

Professional Background
I have rocked the professional graphic designer gig for about 20 years. I started getting into digital design while I was going to college and switched majors from English Literature because I loved it so much. Since then I have worked for several great companies and had some amazing adventures. I was also an accomplished freelance designer for several years, but definitely missed being part of a team.

Off the Job
I am a dad, grandpa, husband and passionate community volunteer. I love to bike, hike, canoe and basically spend time in nature whenever possible. When my family doesn’t consume my time, I like to travel with my wife. We have a lot of places we want to see and a lot of reefs to snorkel.


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