Zachary Shaw

Content Creation Specialist, Farm Animal Lover & Aspiring Writer

Zach is a Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist at Venta Marketing. Continuously learning and developing creative content is important to him. He enjoys boosting client's success with his versatile voice, unique strategies, and awesome designs.

“There is nothing foolish about hope.” - N.K. Jemisin

On The Job

Zach’s main function at Venta Marketing is to provide dynamic and interesting content for a client’s desired audience. Picking up from his journalism roots, Zach continued his love for writing as a Creative Marketing Specialist for an educational training company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With the desire to dive deeper into the marketing realm, Zach joined the Venta Team to build upon his skill set, and bring his talents as a wordsmith to the company. We are in the age of content. Where good content makes you a winner, and great content makes you king.

Zach is here to help your business climb industry rankings and reach your audience with the right message.

Off the Job

When Zach isn’t typing up the next viral blog post, he is often reading a book off of the New York Times recommended reading list, or watching whatever sporting event ESPN is broadcasting that night. He also loves to pop in his earbuds and listen to podcasts ranging from comedians Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld’s show “If I Were You” to NPR’s “Hidden Brain.”

As Zach hopes to one day become a full-time author, he is constantly working on his craft. He will often spend his late nights writing short stories, or crafting new poetry to share with the world. In his downtime, you can catch Zach playing fetch with his Springer Spaniel, Stella.

Zach is thrilled to help grow his professional skills while developing more personal relationships here at Venta Marketing.

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